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I’m Dan handyman, remodeler, and builder. I work in Kentucky since 2013 and in the construction business since 1996. If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient handyman services in Richmond, Kentucky, then you’ve come to the right place. With a diverse portfolio of contracting work, I have the experience to manage a large variety of different projects.


My name is Daniel Verenchuk. I have been building since 1996. I have a very wide range of construction experiences from mixing mortar to supervising and managing huge projects. As a fully-certified professional, I’m ready to tackle anything from the complex and large scale construction projects to the smallest of repair jobs. I enjoy when my clients are happy.
My great-grandfather Daniel Tkachuk traveled by boat to Canada and earned some money that he used to build homes and buy land for his children upon return to Moldova. Later the communists took all the land away from him. He was lucky to keep his life. Because all of my ancestors were Christians after the revolution the best occupation for them was a construction that allowed more freedom and finances. When I was a teenager the USSR collapsed and there was no work in my country Moldova so we moved closer to Moscow. There I started my career building fireplaces and brick stoves with my mom who learned the trade from her father. I did not finish middle school because I was needed at work. My brother later opened a small log home construction business and you can see his and my projects at wooddom.com. My wide range of experiences and knowledge gained in both countries has shaped my construction skills and expertise. Over the years I learned to hire the right people. I am excited to help you with your projects.


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Beautiful 1950's house and it's dining and kitchen were combined into one big kitchen. The wall that was dividing the two spaces was removed and a hidden T beam was placed to hold the second-floor joists. The walls were stripped of the old plaster and got new drywall, cabinets, tile, and paint. We placed a dark stone on the flood and the little kitchen turned into huge gorgeous cooking and dining space. 


I have worked for a very long time in log home construction business and know how different those houses are from traditional stone, brick, or stick built homes. This house was built in Russian and we have done the interior work on it as well as the exterior staining, stonework, siding and the rest of it. The deck and windows were made out of Siberian larch. The floors in the house were a combination of marble stone, hard woo, Italian tile, and different color stones covered with clear epoxy. The exterior caulk was Perma-chink from Tennessee and interior chinks were done with manila rope. Overall, the house turned into a fairytale. 


We have taken the old bathtub out and tiled the shower with gray glass tile. We added a bench in the shower and a nice niche to hold the toiletries. 

The staircase had an old carpet one. I had been replaced and the risers were painted white while the stairs were stained and varnished to match the existing hardwood railings. 


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(859) 544-4426

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