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Homeowner tips: 3 ways to make sure the job is done

Contractors and handyman can be very dishonest with client. To make sure they do what you want them to

1. Be clear of what you want and what you don't want. Example: I want a porch 10x10 with railings, and elevated from the ground 10 inches. All the communication should be in a written form like text, email, written agreement with a list of does.

2. Get a signature on paper. There is a saying that "A peace of paper with a signature will protect your butt better than a bullet proof tank". There is some magic in written agreements and signatures.

3. Changes should be added to the list and price change should be known to the owner before the job started.

4. Never pay for work upfront even if it is your own child who does your porch or paint job.

Let me know what I am forgetting here.

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