• Daniel Verenchuk

Cut the middle man

This is a very touchy subject for many contractors and clients. Most contractors do a good job but when it comes to marketing and client search they have to use costly platforms or pay middle man to find work. To find a good worker you have to search on platforms like angyslist, homeadvisor, porch, and other but these are adding to the cost and many contractors don't like them because of the high fees for the leads. Another way is to google particular job and you might get someone local or someone who owns a website and just acts as a middle man.

My first job in Lexington I got from a guy who had a website that was providing services locally but was physically located in totally different state. He sent me over to the client and ended up adding more than 100% of what I was charging. So the job was done very well but the following leads that he would give me I learned to add more to the cost and unfortunately it led to a lot of wasted time in just giving people estimates that were far too expensive.

To find a good worker is very hard and you have to be creative. If I have a tile job I would go to a tile store and ask them to give me a pro's number or hang out enough to meet those who come to buy and they look like real workers. If I need a roof done I can hang out around roofing and siding store and get acquainted with the guy who actually work and not sits on his but and counts your extra wasted money.

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