• Daniel Verenchuk

Transforming Your House Into Your Home

Updated: Jun 18

A house is often just four walls with a roof and windows. Often it stays that way until you decide to make it the home you want. In this transformation, you might need to do some remodeling and adding the elements you like to make it personal.

Remodeling your house is a lot of work. To do this in the safest way possible, you need an experienced contractor. In Kentucky, DANHANDYMAN is the go-to. We are a team of professional modelers and builders with decades of experience. Whatever kind of fixtures and changes you need, we can accomplish it.

Working on your house and turning it into a home does not necessarily have to be expensive and extensive. You can start by maximizing every room or improving whatever is no longer working. Dan’s team also does home repair in Kentucky so they can do this task as well.

Having your house remodeled helps make your living more comfortable. Imagine going home to a place that you like, instead of just living in a house that barely works. Enrich your life by having the perfect place to rest for you.

Let us help you improve your home. Contact us if you need handyman services in Richmond, Kentucky.


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